An Overview of the Expansion Growth Plans and Moves by OSI Group

OSI Industries has continually executed its expansion plans by buying other companies in the food manufacturing industry that it feels they align perfectly to its own goals and values. The OSI Group offers quality products and custom solutions for retail and food service brands. Its productivity alone in 2016 manifests its own emphasis on expansion and growth given its seven fresh facilities for production and processing in the world.

Push for Growth

David McDonald, the president of OSI Industries outlines the group’s appetite for more growth and expansion. The group’s product development focuses on offering more to its customers and partnering with the clients to produce products that will assist them grow their business and get more sales. The partnering process with consumers ensures that they get what they demand including organic and natural foods. David McDonald singled out the efforts of their CEO, Sheldon Lavin, for pushing the group and coming up with the energy that makes it expand, offer more choices in food products and become significant to consumers. The group currently operates in 16 countries.

Expansion at Home

According to a report on Chicago Tribune, OSI Group paid $7.4 million for a plant based in Chicago that belonged to Tyson Foods. The plant offered OSI Group with continued business expansion. The plant used to deal in hamburgers, meatballs, hotdogs, pork, bacon, vegetable and poultry products.

Expansion in Europe

OSI Group purchased Flagship Europe and earned the ability to provide products to new clients in international markets. The newly acquired line deals with products such as sauces, frozen poultry, pies, marinades, dressings and sandwich fillings. David McDonald stated that the acquisition of the Europe Flagship line enabled the OSI Group gain a broad presence in the continent. It also increased the company’s capacity to meet the needs of its customers and complemented the processing strengths that the group had before.

OSI Industries also acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch company involved in the manufacturing of snacks, deli meats and convenience foods. This further expanded the group’s presence in the European market as Baho Foods has processing plants present in both Netherlands and Germany offering services to 18 countries in Europe. It retained the Baho Foods top management for smooth operations.

About OSI Group

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and deals in meat and other food products. The group remains focused on giving its customers the best. This is the reason why it has managed to remain being the premier supplier of food to leading brands in the world for years.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Makes Leading One Of The Largest Banks In Brazil Look Easy

Every country has a few individuals that have a more significant sway over the citizenry relative to the rest. These are individuals that are typically the top of their fields, particularly in politics, business and the civil society. In Brazil, one such individual is Luiz Carlos Trabuco. In fact, the banker has previously been included in the list of the 100 most influential Brazilians in the country by Season Magazine.

Additionally, Forbes Magazine in 2016 named him among the top Chief Executive Officers in the country. He currently serves as the CEO, Vice Chairman and President of Sao Paulo-based Banco Bradesco and has for the last years had a significant sway on the Brazilian economy. In addition to directly employing more than 100,000 employees at the bank’s over 5,000 branches, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has supported the Brazilian economy by providing low-interest loans to companies undertaking development projects in the country. As such, it is befitting that he is considered among the most influential individuals in the country.

Today, Banco Bradesco is the second largest private bank in the country. Given Brazil’s high standing in Latin America, it is also among the largest financial institutions in the region. The company holds assets estimated at a value of $392 billion and has two subsidiaries: Bradesco Seguros and Bradespar. In total, Banco Bradesco offers traditional banking services, insurance services, internet banking, savings bonds, annuities and pension plans. Additionally, the bank is cross-listed on four exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange. Understandably, therefore, one running the bank requires an elite level of leadership.

Fortunately for Luiz Carlos Trabuco, he had a complete preparation for the role. He joined the bank in 1969 and has not left since then. Having started out as a clerk, he understood how it feels like to work in the lower ranks and the intricacies of being the bank’s face when interacting with clients. After that, he quickly rose up the ranks and had in his early thirties grown to become the marketing director. In this position, he honed his networking skills with anot6her important stakeholder: the media. Banco Bradesco’s visibility in the media increased significantly when he took the position, thereby vastly increasing its popularity and attracting new customers. However, his greatest lessons came when he was appointed the president of the bank’s insurance subsidiary, Bradesco Seguros. Not only did he have the opportunity to learn about one of the services offered by the bank, he now headed an entire company. Over the course of the six years that he held this position, his performance was exemplary. He managed to simultaneously double the insurer’s value while growing its market share, thus making it the biggest insurance company in Latin America.

Understandably, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been subject to speculation throughout the latter half of his professional career. It is common for individuals to be linked to higher jobs position when their performances are exemplary. As early as 1999, a decade before his eventual appointment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was being linked with the presidency at Bradesco. Aged only 47 then, he was the youngest name being considered by the Bradesco board. During his highly successful time at Bradesco Seguros, he was again the subject of speculation with some industry players reporting that he had been offered the Finance Ministry position by then president Dilma Rousseff. Apparently, he, however, turned down the position. Today, with his time at Bradesco almost coming to an end, many again speculate that he will the bank’s next board chair, taking over from the longtime president, Lazaro Brandao.

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How To Enhance Your Health With a Lifeline Screening

Your lifeline series of screening tests allows you to get a bigger and more intensive view of your healthy body. Areas that show concerns become visible and treatable in an early stage. Be sure to ask the technicians for detailed copies of the examinations they perform.

These copies have answers to questions that you forgot to ask, moreover, they are valuable in your own personal medical history files. Ultimately, they are sharable with your family physician. It takes the guesswork out of future visits, and you have a blueprint of preventative guidelines for your continuing healthy lifestyle.

How To Prepare for a Lifeline Screening

You may be asked to fast before the testing. This simply means that after a period of time you will only have water and no food. Medications are stopped unless your doctor gives the go ahead. If you are diabetic, your doctor will prescribe a food plan.

What To Wear During a Lifeline Screening

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes make the whole process less-complicated. The blood pressure cuff is easily manipulated into place when the customer wears short-sleeve shirts. Two-piece outfits and an avoidance of pantyhose is more appropriate.

What To Expect During a Lifeline Screening

First of all, most of the screenings are pain free and relatively non-invasive. Even the blood testing is performed with a simple finger-pierce to obtain a few drops of blood. It will all be completed efficiently by professionals and in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are some things to expect:

• The ultrasound is non-invasive and painless.
• The EKG – atrial fibrillation is a check for an irregular heartbeat. Avoid applying lotions or oils for this one; ultimately, turn off your cell phone, and don’t wear a watch.
• An abdominal aortic aneurysm screening requires a 4 hour fast. Enjoy a light meal for the last solid food and avoid choices that have a potential to cause gas.
• A complete lipid panel takes a detailed look at your cholesterol, and it requires a 12 hour fast before the test.
• The bone mineral density along with the elevated liver enzymes explorations need no advance preparation.

Your intensive screening is designed to help you recognize warning signs and potential future problems that are easily preventable. Solutions may be available to previous problems that may now be reversed with an application of healing methods. Your test scores become worksheets that enable you to make better lifestyle choices concerning your health and vitality. It is possible to feel good.

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Adam Milstein: From Real Estate to Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a man who believes in using his wealth and his knowledge to help people in society. He has given life to numerous nonprofit organizations that have come to the aid of people across the country. The organization that he has built is known as the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, which is an organization that aims to help him in his philanthropic endeavors. The organization is one of the main things that Adam Milstein focuses on. He has put a lot of time and effort into the organization, raising it up to the position that it currently has in society and his Facebook.

Besides working for the betterment of people, Adam Milstein is also a prominent real estate developer who has worked on some of the biggest developmental projects in the entire country. The area that Adam Milstein has mainly invested in is Los Angeles. He has collaborated with top developers and project managers to bring good developmental projects to the people who want to buy homes in this area. This profession taught Adam Milstein a lot and gave him all the training that he needed to lead his organization. This is one of the main reasons why Adam Milstein also wants to empower youth to take on their ideas to bring them to fruition and learn more about Adam Milstein.

In addition to real estate, Adam Milstein is also actively involved with the Jewish community in America. He is one of the most prominent people from this community and has done a lot to expand it and help others get inculcated in it. He believes that he needs to do his bit to strengthen the bond that he has for the people of this community, and also sees it as one of how he can give back to society. He has organizations that specifically cater to this endeavor of Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein believes that helping the Jewish youth is one of the best ways to extend a helping hand to the people. He regularly provides grants and scholarships to students and teenagers so that they can go on and seek a higher degree of education in Israel and other Jewish Institutions and contact him.

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