Agera Energy Investments Based to Helping Clients

Agera company was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing natural gas and electricity to the commercial and residential customers across united states over the years the company has established healthy relations with the clients gaining the trust of more than 1.8 million people.

With remarkable leadership of Geoffrey Duda, the CEO Agera company has grown rapidly establishing new branches all over New York. He along aims at creating awareness among the customers on the sector of natural gas and electricity. Although the headquarters are based in Briarcliff Manor, Agera Energy provides efficient and reliable services to the customers around the country.

The primary goal of the company is to serve their clients with high standard services; therefore, they have hired a group of experts devoted to helping all clients. the costs at Agera are reduced to 20% to attract, and the Retrofit upfront costs are rolled up to the clients’ monthly bill hence reducing stress and inconveniences.

To promote environment conservation, Agera trains people how to use electricity, where to get it and how they can conserve it to reduce expenses. Unlike other companies, Agera is concerned with the well-being of their clients since that is not only after the profit.


ClassDojo Raises $35M to improve its educational app

Recently, ClassDojo raised $35 million in its series C venture funding. The company’s management disclosed that it could use the funds to improve ClassDojo, an educational app that unites teachers, students, and parents.

ClassDojo’s Series C fundraiser was led by venture by SignalFire, a capitalist that supports Grammarly, and GSV, the investor behind Spotify’s success. Furthermore, the fundraiser was attended by General Catalyst and Uncork Capital.

ClassDojo disclosed that it would use the Series C funds in two primary ways. First, they would use the funds to market the educational app to more schools around the world. Already, the free educational app is available in two out of three schools.

Secondly, the start-up disclosed that it would use the funds to introduce Beyond School, a premium service that will monetize the ClassDojo app. The premium service has extra learning materials that boost students’ studying habits. It will complement schoolwork.

According to Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s co-founder, Beyond School was designed based on what teachers wished to teach students, but they had little time to do so. Moreover, the premium extension was developed according to what parents wanted their kids to learn. It instills emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and other general skills.

ClassDojo app’s popularity has been increasing day by day. Today, the app is used in 95% of the United States’ primary schools. One out of in six families with primary school kids uses the educational/communication app.

Apart from the United States, the app has penetrated to 180 countries around the world. It is available in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Spain, and Australia. 25% of schools in these jurisdictions use the app.

Why is ClassDojo’s app picking up so well? ClassDojo is customized according to the unique needs of students, teachers, and students. It streamlines the communication process between teachers and parents, and it makes classroom learning easy and enjoyable.

Furthermore, ClassDojo app bridges the gap between home and school. It lets parents monitor what their kids are learning, as well as communicate complex issues with the teachers. “Our app promotes a positive culture in schools,” says ClassDojo’s management.”

Wes Edens Is A Strong Name In Philanthropy And Business

In the world of investing, Wes Edens and the company that he co-founded, Fortress Investment Group, have become big names. Wes Edens is also known for his philanthropic activities and the fact that he is the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, a team in the National Basketball Association. Fortress Investment Group was first created as a boutique investment firm back in 1998 and since then it has grown to be a global name in alternative asset management. Some of the companies that Fortress Investment Group and Wes Edens have acquired have gone on to make a huge impact in their different fields.

One of the his recent investments that is expected to be a big name is Brightline, a private company operating in Florida currently that provides passenger rail transportation to and from a few major cities. The powerhouse company Virgin recently partnered up with Brightline and is using their experience and branding to help grow the company with plans to expand to different states. After the partnership, Brightline announced rebranding plans that led to them being known as Virgin Trains USA. Due to the fact that Virgin already has its own rail company in the United Kingdom, Wes Edens expects the partnership to be a success. The business pursuits of Wes Edens are very important to the entrepreneur, but his philanthropy works mean a lot to the investor as well.

He and his wife created a program at Macalester College that supports efforts to improve education in various fields related to health. The focus of the program is medical geography and health in general. The topics of health hazards, healthcare delivery, infectious diseases, and environmental factors impact millions of people around the world. The professor that is teaching for the Glocal Health Professorship sponsored by expert Wes Edens teaches under the geography department. Wes Edens has been working to improve issues concerning inequities in access to healthcare for years. This is why his hard work with Partners In Health is so important to him. This organization gives access to healthcare in developing countries by building hospitals and other medical facilities as well as training local staff.

A Look at the Career of Igor Cornelsen as an Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is a retired investment banker and a stock expert. He has invested in stocks for commodity as well as foreign exchange investment via Bainbridge Group. He hails from Curitiba, Brail where he was born and raised. Mr. Cornelsen wanted to be an engineer while young. Therefore, he attended Federal University of Parana to study engineering. He later transferred to economics as a course of study in the same university. Getting to study in the Federal University of Parana was an achievement on its own because it was a leading engineering university in the Santa Parana States. He graduated from the university with an economics degree in 1970.

He joined Multibanco after campus to serve as an investment banker. He was hired to the position because he was good in computing compound interest calculations. Computers were rarely available at the time and the skills were very valuable. He left the company after it was acquired by Bank of America and moved to Unibanco, a Brazilian investment firm.

He moved from the firm to London Merchant Bank to serve as an investment advisor. The company rebranded into Libra Bank PLC. It was exciting for him to work in the company because he received his salary in dollars for the first time in his life. He worked his way up to become a member of the company’s board of directors, a position he held for seven years. He used to represent Libra Bank PLC in Brazil.

In 1995, Igor Cornelsen decided to venture into a private practice and start Bainbridge Investment Inc. He embarked on a new path with the Bahamas-based company. Bainbridge Investment identifies lucrative and low-risk investment opportunities and formulates investment strategies. He ventured into the business after he acquired extensive experience managing funds in the stock market. He is keen on currency exchange rates because it can affect an investor’s investment drastically.

Heather Parry And Her Leadership Brings Spotlight To Live Nation Productions

Heather Parry, the president of Live Nation Productions, is one of the creators of a new breed of documentaries: critical music documentaries. On her second month at work, she already landed a big project: teaming up with a collaboration with Colin Hanks, an actor/director from Happy Madison Productions. After almost twenty months at work, they finished “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis”, a music documentary that talks about Eagle of Death Metal’s 2015 Bataclan tragedy. This documentary was nominated for two Critics Choice Awards.

Before “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis” even premiered, Heather Parry is known for her other projects, such as a Lady Gaga film called “Gaga: Five Foot Two” which was released on Netflix. Parry is also one of the minds behind Puff Daddy Bad Boy Records’ “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”. She is also involved in the production of the 2015 animated film called “Pixels”. But Parry and Live Nation’s most successful project yet is Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s box office movie “A Star Is Born.”

As soon as she heard the news about the movie “A Star Is Born“, Heather Parry called Dave Bugliari, who is Bradley Cooper’s agent. Parry asked how Live Nation can help in the movie’s marketing strategy. Because of this call, Parry was invited to Marth Stewart’s dinner party which happened in Bill Gerber’s house. Herber is one of the producers of the film. and Parry managed to pitch her ideas to him. This is one of the examples of her making opportunities for Live Nation.

Live Nation Productions has a lot of assets that can promote movies, such as their music festivals. In between sets, playing “A Star Is Born” trailer helped in promoting the film. Even Warner Pictures President of Worldwide Marketing, Blair Rich, believes that Parry and her Live Action Productions were instrumental in expanding the global audiences.

Boraie Development Partners with the Former Nba Player, Shaquille O’Neil

Boraie Development has earned its name in the real estate industry. The company is dedicated to providing various services such as property management, real estate development, and marketing. Its vision of becoming a leader has led it to collaborate with contractors, financiers and architects who are well experienced and who support the goal of meeting the set deadlines. Boraie Development has operated for the past three decades and throughout the years, it has been erecting spectacular buildings. It has become the most sought after development company in the whole of New Jersey. The funding of the companies projects comes from their capital and other times is through funding from commercial banks.

In 2018, Boraie Development completed their project in the heart of New Brunswick of a building that is named The Aspire. The Aspire provides options for the prospective occupants ranging from two-bedroom, one bedroom apartments and studios This rental tower is already opened for occupancy and it is highly targeting the young population of the region, who are looking for apartments that are combining modern design with convenience. It is a few steps from the train station and the Saint Peter’s University Hospital. It is surrounded by dining options and in close proximity to the night-life spots that are suitable for various lifestyles.

Apart from the designer finishes of the apartments, it has been built to make the lives of the tenants easier. It has an elevator connecting from the expansive parking area to the lobby which has a doorman 24/7. It also consists of the 10,000 feet retail floor and every tenant has an indoor storage space. It has also incorporated various amenities such a residents lounge, which consists of a pool table, a catering kitchen, and a terrace with a sundeck. The Aspire also offers a yoga center and electric barbeques.

Boraie Development also collaborated with the NBA legend Shaquille O’Neil in his latest real estate development project. The former NBA player desire to improve his childhood home Newark led him to build the first high rise building for the past 50 years in this town. He has always wanted to make Newark more beautiful.

The opening ceremony of this building attracted lots of public attention and O’ Neil expressed his satisfaction with the work of Boraie Development of completing the rental duplex. The building cost about $60 million. He is hoping to launch other similar projects in the region which shall also be carried out by Boraie Development.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Gets recognized for showing Compassion

Doctor Sameer Jejurikar is a certified plastic surgeon and is one of the Dallas plastic surgery institutes in Dallas. His primary point of focus are the eyes, face, nose, breast the body. The doctor has been in the plastic surgery for years and has massive experience in the field. Dr. Jejurikar has undergone the necessary training in plastic surgery and used his skills to help patients get the results they want. His patients love his services because he is passionate and treats them using his mastery of the art.

He has embraced new technology in his field; the doctor uses crisalix 3D imaging system. The technology enables individuals to create a new face or body right there. The other technology he has embraced is mytouchmd. It is a patient web portal that educates patients about plastic surgery. Dr. Jejurikar also has a medical grade skin care line. He developed the products to address concerns such as dark circles, fine lines and reduced skin elasticity.

On his blog, Jejurikar addresses several concerns on plastic surgery. Some of the topics he has talked about are optimizing scars after cosmetic surgery, common myths and misconceptions about breast implants, basics of skin care to get back a fresh face and the top cosmetic trends among other great topics.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has received honor from his patients for his compassion. The compassionate doctor honor is given to those doctors who are considered favorites by their patients. Websites such as the patient’s choice, Vitals, and UCompare health provide patient feedback on their experience with their physicians. The physicians who have excellent bedside manner scores are chosen for the compassionate doctor recognition. Dr. Jejurikar said he was pleased to have been selected for the recognition. He was also added to the registry of business excellence following his selection for the patient choice award.

How Rocketship Education is Changing the World

Schools are changing, and Rocketship Education is a part of this too. A charter school system based out of California, Rocketship Education is making a statement. Their mantra is that they tell children they are “unleashing potential”. The foundation on which Rocketship Education was built, is that all things are possible.

Encouraging all children to dream and to reach for their potential is admirable. It is also the one way in which Rocketship is unique in its approach. This school system believes that all children are individual in their ability to learn and discover the world on their own.

Students here are referred to as “Rocketeers”, and they are each viewed as individuals with an individual sense of ability to learn. While this elementary school is designed to encourage kids to learn at their own pace, they are also geared to educate and help each student excel at all levels of their education.

Rocketship Education has their very own mission and vision. As a school system, they desire for all to achieve and bridge the gap between those who are referred to as non-achievers. Their mission is to elevate the expectation and overall environment for those children who live in low-income areas. Read more about the misson and vision of the system in this article.

The best opportunity for any child is to get the opportunity to learn and grow. Regardless of zip code, this school system was designed to help students of all ages, race, creed and color to learn alongside other children from different backgrounds and levels of education.

The core values of this system are what aid in determining the remainder of their education system. Every child should get the opportunity to learn and grow in the right environment, and every student should be able to excel while remaining humble and helping others.

A community centered approach is what Rocketship Education is all about, and they could very well be the next model for building better schools around the world.

Connect with Rocketship Education here

Paul Mampilly: Predictions for Investing and Business in 2019

Paul Mampilly is an extraordinary investor. He has been involved in this business for at least 20 years. His valuable knowledge and wisdom within this field. Mapilly knows that investing is not an exact science and he realizes that many factors can influence its outcome. The following information presented here will inform you about Paul Mampilly predictions for 2019. These predictions pertain to businesses in general and how they will impact the investment world.

Long termism is a new term within the investment world. It relates to the long-term strategy of investing. This type of investing focuses on environment, social and government factors. These three areas of investing are known as ESG. They are assets that can be managed over a long period of time. Paul Mampilly says that long termism investment strategy is going to be a new norm for all investors that include business and private investors alike.

Paul Mampilly also endorses the advent of IoT or the Internet of Things. This technology is what allows different devices, electronics, appliances and items to communicate each other through the internet. According to Paul the IoT will provide businesses with more information. This information will give businesses that edge with servicing their customers and consumers in general. This in turn will help to reduce investor risk when they place their money into consumer based businesses.

The political scene will also improve the world of investing. The current administration under President Trump has been consistently deregulating many aspects of business. Also the current gridlock between the political parties in government is also favorable for business investing. This gridlock makes it hard to get things done including passing business related policies. This in turn helps favorable conditions for investing in products and services. Investment expert Paul Mamphilly is expecting 2019 to be a great year for investors.

James Dondero Builds On His Successful Philanthropic Efforts

The expert in high yield credit, James Dondero has become one of the world’s leading alternative investment specialists through his Highland Capital company. James Dondero has made a number of high-profile business deals but believes the need to give back to the people of Dallas, Texas is the most important part of the work he undertakes each day. Among the high-profile philanthropic causes, the former JP Morgan Chase broker has undertaken is an innovative new habitat for the hippo’s at Dallas Zoo along with an event stage and lodge-style viewing areas.

James Dondero based his Highland Capital brand in 1993 in Dallas, Texas and began his career with the desire to build a brighter future for members of the local community. Always an active philanthropist, Dondero set out to make a quick impact on the community with a number of board-level positions with local groups such as ReuNight. The ReuNight brand has been assisting the women and families of Dallas affected by domestic violence for decades with the support of Highland Capital. James Dondero acted as the Honorary Chair of the ReuNight event in 2016 which was held in support of The Family Place programs dedicated to protecting those affected by domestic violence.

The second area of concern for James Dondero has been his work with Dallas Zoo, which has included the creation of a hippo habitat following the arrival of the animals in Texas. Dallas Zoo’s last remaining hippo died in 2001 leaving a large gap in the number of animal exhibits on show to the public. In 2016, Dallas Zoo broke ground in a new hippo habitat created at a cost of $14 million, of which $1 million was donated by James Dondero and Highland Capital. Keeping the new arrivals as happy as possible is the aim of the zoo and includes a 120,000-gallon waterhole and large underwater viewing area.