Jeff Herman Shares His Thoughts Of Educating Children About Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman, the founder of Herman Law. An award-winning attorney, Jeff Herman is an advocate for the survivors of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and rape.

Jeff Herman founded his own law firm, Herman Law, to serve that sole purpose.

Jeff Herman recently shared his thoughts and ideas about an important topic: talking to your children about sexual predators. Jeff Herman even shared some Tips on How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse.

Children are the most delicate part of society, and this makes them an easy target for sexual predators. A child may not even know that they are being abused when they are. This can lead to a child blaming themselves when they realize they were being abused. They can feel like they, themselves, are to blame for letting it happen.

It is impossible for parents to be there for their child all the time. There are times, like when your child is at school, that a parent has no control over their children and who they interact with. This can be a scary thought for parents, but if you educate your children about sexual predators, explain to them signs, and teach them what to do upon being confronted by a sexual predator, you don’t have to worry about who your child talks to when you aren’t there.

Educating your children about such things begins at an early age. You should use age appropriate language to make sure a child understands which areas of their body of off-boundaries for others. Another important part of educating a young child about sexual predators is making them feel comfortable saying no. Many children are taught that saying no to adults is bad, and this can lead to mistakes happening when they are confronted by a predator. Always tell your child that they are allowed to say no if they don’t feel comfortable doing something. Read This Article for more information.

Across all ages of your child’s life, it is good to continue this conversation. Make sure they are able to understand that everyone, even people in places of authority, may have harmful motivations when trying to become their friend.


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