A Look at the Career of Igor Cornelsen as an Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is a retired investment banker and a stock expert. He has invested in stocks for commodity as well as foreign exchange investment via Bainbridge Group. He hails from Curitiba, Brail where he was born and raised. Mr. Cornelsen wanted to be an engineer while young. Therefore, he attended Federal University of Parana to study engineering. He later transferred to economics as a course of study in the same university. Getting to study in the Federal University of Parana was an achievement on its own because it was a leading engineering university in the Santa Parana States. He graduated from the university with an economics degree in 1970.

He joined Multibanco after campus to serve as an investment banker. He was hired to the position because he was good in computing compound interest calculations. Computers were rarely available at the time and the skills were very valuable. He left the company after it was acquired by Bank of America and moved to Unibanco, a Brazilian investment firm.

He moved from the firm to London Merchant Bank to serve as an investment advisor. The company rebranded into Libra Bank PLC. It was exciting for him to work in the company because he received his salary in dollars for the first time in his life. He worked his way up to become a member of the company’s board of directors, a position he held for seven years. He used to represent Libra Bank PLC in Brazil.

In 1995, Igor Cornelsen decided to venture into a private practice and start Bainbridge Investment Inc. He embarked on a new path with the Bahamas-based company. Bainbridge Investment identifies lucrative and low-risk investment opportunities and formulates investment strategies. He ventured into the business after he acquired extensive experience managing funds in the stock market. He is keen on currency exchange rates because it can affect an investor’s investment drastically.