Marathon Pharmaceuticals Helps Calm Children’s Needle Anxiety With New Anesthetic

Zingo is a device that provides a local anesthetic to help manage the pain of venous access. The device releases a powdered .5 mg dose of lidocaine to the site where doctors will use the needle. The device will numb the area in one to three minutes. The numbing effect only last around ten minutes. Giving doctors enough time to administer the shot, or blood draw without having any drawn-out effects. The device can numb a patient faster than local anesthetic which can take 30 to 60 minutes to work. This time frame makes it difficult to incorporate anesthetic at the doctor’s office. Zingo, created for children who often have a fear of needles, helps ease anxiety. The device will help ease a child’s pain, and anxiety when they have to get a shoot, have an IV placed or get blood drawn. (thenewsversion)


The creators of Zingo are Marathon Pharmaceuticals. Marathon Pharmaceuticals partnered with Medline to help distribute and market Zingo. The mutual goal of both companies is to help reduce anxiety and pain in children. They distributed the device to children and community hospitals, and medical centers.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals works with patients that have unmet medical needs. The company specializes in small volume hard to manufacture medicines. Some other drugs that Marathon Pharmaceuticals have created include Amytal Sodium a barbiturate derivative that is used to help insomnia patients. The drug decreases motor activity and produces drowsiness and sedation. Marathon Pharmaceuticals makes another barbiturate derivative called Seconal Sodium. This drug helps insomnia patients and is used as a pre-anesthetic.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals has a main office located in Northbrook, Illinois. They also have offices in Chicago and New Jersey. The company also has a Bioscience Center located in Chicago. At the Bioscience Center research is conducted on cancer, central nervous diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and endocrine deficiencies. The research will help Marathon Pharmaceuticals provide better medical care for patients with rare disorders.