FreedomPop Is Proving To The World That They Are An Amazing Company

If any wireless company can say they are tasting success it’s FreedomPop. With their many cell phones, great services, and ever expanding customer base, the company has truly come into its own. Even though FreedomPop uses Sprint as the company that hosts their phone calls and services, the fact that they use Sprint means their customers will have reliable cell phone coverage at all times. FreedomPop has even gone on to offer deals that can’t be found with Sprint, such as the unlimited monthly Wi-Fi service, which is at a killer deal at only $5 each month.

FreedomPop hasn’t held back when it comes to their cell phones, especially since many find this as a problem with other carriers. Some carriers will literally only have a handful of phones available for sale, and customers like to have variety. FreedomPop has over 35 different cell phones for sale, and the company also has several types of tablets as well. With different smartphones being sold by the company, anyone who joins FreedomPop can find a wireless device that they love for a price that they can afford. Since FreedomPop’s phones start at only $50, it’s very affordable to join this company.

Once a user finds the wireless phone they want to use with the FreedomPop network, they can pick a service plan for their cell phone. Many are choosing the unlimited $20 service plan, which includes texts, calls, and unlimited data. Even though the $20 service plan is fantastic and ideal for many people, some have an idea of paying even less than $20 each month, which is a possibility with FreedomPop. Those that don’t want to pay for cell phone services can use the free service from FreedomPop for their cell phone, even if they are using a smartphone.

The free service will give text messages, calls, and data, but the data has a limit of 500 MB. There are ways to get additional data that won’t be costly, which is by signing up for the FreedomPop unlimited Wi-Fi service. Once the five dollar fee is paid, then the service lasts for the entire month and can be used in an unlimited fashion. Those that are trying to keep their free service from FreedomPop can utilize the Wi-Fi service in order to make Wi-Fi calls as well as to use as much data on their phone as they want.

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