How Rocketship Education is Changing the World

Schools are changing, and Rocketship Education is a part of this too. A charter school system based out of California, Rocketship Education is making a statement. Their mantra is that they tell children they are “unleashing potential”. The foundation on which Rocketship Education was built, is that all things are possible.

Encouraging all children to dream and to reach for their potential is admirable. It is also the one way in which Rocketship is unique in its approach. This school system believes that all children are individual in their ability to learn and discover the world on their own.

Students here are referred to as “Rocketeers”, and they are each viewed as individuals with an individual sense of ability to learn. While this elementary school is designed to encourage kids to learn at their own pace, they are also geared to educate and help each student excel at all levels of their education.

Rocketship Education has their very own mission and vision. As a school system, they desire for all to achieve and bridge the gap between those who are referred to as non-achievers. Their mission is to elevate the expectation and overall environment for those children who live in low-income areas. Read more about the misson and vision of the system in this article.

The best opportunity for any child is to get the opportunity to learn and grow. Regardless of zip code, this school system was designed to help students of all ages, race, creed and color to learn alongside other children from different backgrounds and levels of education.

The core values of this system are what aid in determining the remainder of their education system. Every child should get the opportunity to learn and grow in the right environment, and every student should be able to excel while remaining humble and helping others.

A community centered approach is what Rocketship Education is all about, and they could very well be the next model for building better schools around the world.

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Terry Baltes Taking the Hotel Industry a Notch Higher

Everyone wants some time away from work and home to relax. Taking a vacation to a designated location brings the satisfaction and the relaxation mood. Hotels for a long time now, have been providing these amenities, and each year a tremendous growth in the hospitality sector has been experienced. Services that were regarded as special in most hotels such as free Wi-Fi, gracious breakfast, and finest bed linens are now standard services in the majority of hotels.
According to a study conducted by J.D Power 2016 Northern America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index, the hotel, and real estate industry may be reaching client’s contentment due its tremendous growth. The study on a scale of 1000 points, measured the general satisfaction of visitors across eight hotel segments that included; luxury, upper upscale, upscale, upper midscale, midscale, budget, upper extended stay and extended stay. During the research, different areas were examined in each sector to find out the overall satisfaction, check-ins, reservations, guest rooms, check –outs, food and beverages, hotel facilities, hotel services, and cost and fee. In the study, what came clear is that services have pretty much increased over the last four years.
Terry Baltes founded Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd. A company established in 1977 in Dayton Ohio. Since its birth, Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd has experienced a remarkable growth in the commercial real estate section in the Midwest region and even afar. Recently the Firm listed properties in West Virginia and Louisiana.
Terry Baltes has always been very ambitious since he started the company five years after he completed college. He graduated from Ohio State University with triple Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate, Marketing, and Finance. His passion was to start his company and with hard work and determination, Baltes was founded. His mission is founded on the principle of action with the emphasis on upholding successful client relationship. This has helped him succeed over the years and has a sales record of over three million not to mention his continuing relationship with his clients.