How Rocketship Education Emphasises Stability

For students to thrive they need stability in their lives. A big part of this is their parents being actively engaged in their children’s education and providing good, stable homes. Sometimes families are affected by things like floods that ruin the stability of the family when their homes become unlivable. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit charter school organization which has had events like this happen to children that attend their schools.

One example of this was families in San Jose whose children attended their local Rocketship Education school. A massive flood had washed many people out of their homes. Rocketship Education reached out to these families and helped them manage the crisis. One parent, whose son Cesar was a student at Rocketship Education, said that she didn’t expect it would be his school that would become their biggest supporter. Cesar’s time out of the classroom was kept to a minimum and the community helped this family find a new place to live so that stability was maintained.

At Rocketship Education, they keep parents fully in the loop about what is going on in the school and classrooms. Some parents have received specialized training and are part of the hiring process when one of their schools needs to find a new teacher, for example. Having a bond between the teacher, parents, and children is very important at Rocketship Education. This bond helps children in the classroom learn at a rapid pace compared to public school students.

It was 12 years ago that Rocketship Education was founded. The first school was in San Jose and it has been very successful teaching students. The students at these school primarily come from low-income homes which usually leads to them earning low marks in school. Because of the way Rocketship Education approaches education, though, their students do just as well on state assessment tests as the students do in the Palo Alto School District which in a wealthy area.

Today, Rocketship Education has schools in a number of California cities as well as Washington D.C. and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is led by one of its founders, Chief Executive Officer Preston Smith.