Now Hiring! The Traveling Vineyard Needs Wine Guides

Americans purchased a record 383 million cases of wine last year. Trends show Americans paying more for wine than ever before, with the average cost of a bottle of wine soaring past $10 for the first time.

There has never been a better time than now to start a career in the wine industry. The Traveling Vineyard makes becoming a direct wine salesperson simple. The Traveling Vineyard employs Wine Guides. When a client is interested in hosting a wine party, they’ll invite a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. Wine Guides bring free wine, accessories, brochures, and an extensive knowledge of wine to the tasting parties. The host’s friends and family get to taste the wine, the ordering process is incredibly easy, and both the host and the wine guide profit from any sales.

Interested in becoming a Wine Guide, but not sure you possess the required wine expertise? Don’t fret, the Traveling Vineyard provides extensive training, and an impressive support system, for all of its members. Training begins when a prospective Wine Guide expresses interest in joining the Traveling Vineyard. They are then matched with a sales leader in their area. Leaders answer questions, pass along tips of the trade, and show trainees how the program works, by invited them to their events.

The Traveling Vineyard utilizes an online training center to further educate employees. Appropriately named, The Tasting Room training center provides information regarding wine, tastings, and growing your business.

Wine Guides also receive an exclusive Sommology Kit. The Traveling Vineyard’s Sommology kit explores pairing wine with food that perfectly complements its flavor. The kit allows Wine Guides to be highly knowledgeable about the products they sell, without having to pursue an enology degree.

The Traveling Vineyard gives motivated individuals the potential to make some serious cash while offering a flexible schedule, friendship, a sense of fulfillment, and plenty of fun. Anyone interested in becoming a Wine Guide can contact The Traveling Vineyard directly. You’ll hear from a company representative within 48 hours.

If you’d like to try the Traveling Vineyard’s delicious wines, why not host a wine tasting party in your home? Wine Guides are available in your area. The best part? Hosting a wine tasting is completely free!

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