Doe Deere: An Innovative Creator of Make-up

Doe Deere, a young entrepreneur, calls herself the “Queen of Unicorns” due to the fact that she considers her followers as her unicorns. Just like unicorns, the customers of Lime Crime express themselves in a unique and colorful way and as never ashamed to be a bit different. Deere recently was interviewed by Guest of a Guest where she revealed more about her life and her business.

Deere’s success is a bit different from the success of other entrepreneurs, as she began with a career in the music industry before switching to makeup. However, makeup has been a passion of hers since she was a young teenager. She always loved to experiment with bold colors and found herself frustrated when all she could find in the stores were varying shades of beige for makeup.

Moving from Russia to New York as a child brought Deere the inspiration to become successful, she just didn’t realize at first that she would find that success in makeup. However, being in the music industry helped Deere learn things about business, such as marketing having a positive image.

Doe Deere had her first business when she was living in Russia, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. This was a new thing at the time and Deere believed she had discovered them and then made them popular. Her best marketing tool was wearing the tattoos herself and telling people how pretty they were.

When it comes to inspiring other young women to become entrepreneurs, Deere advises them to follow their hearts, because every person has their own talent or something special about them that no one else has. Every individual is unique. Once you can tap into your talent, you begin to blossom and work with your essential self to reach your potential.

It is crucial to be in touch with your inner self. Knowing yourself helps your provide the best value because although you may feel different as a child, this difference may lead to ultimate success. This is exactly how Lime Crime, Deere’s makeup company, was born.

Once Deere saw that others shared her passion for colorful makeup, she was able to establish a fan base and loyal customers who were inspired by her ideals and her vision. Deere always tells her customers to be proud of who they are and to not try to hide their inner selves.

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