Heather Parry And Her Leadership Brings Spotlight To Live Nation Productions

Heather Parry, the president of Live Nation Productions, is one of the creators of a new breed of documentaries: critical music documentaries. On her second month at work, she already landed a big project: teaming up with a collaboration with Colin Hanks, an actor/director from Happy Madison Productions. After almost twenty months at work, they finished “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis”, a music documentary that talks about Eagle of Death Metal’s 2015 Bataclan tragedy. This documentary was nominated for two Critics Choice Awards.

Before “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis” even premiered, Heather Parry is known for her other projects, such as a Lady Gaga film called “Gaga: Five Foot Two” which was released on Netflix. Parry is also one of the minds behind Puff Daddy Bad Boy Records’ “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”. She is also involved in the production of the 2015 animated film called “Pixels”. But Parry and Live Nation’s most successful project yet is Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s box office movie “A Star Is Born.”

As soon as she heard the news about the movie “A Star Is Born“, Heather Parry called Dave Bugliari, who is Bradley Cooper’s agent. Parry asked how Live Nation can help in the movie’s marketing strategy. Because of this call, Parry was invited to Marth Stewart’s dinner party which happened in Bill Gerber’s house. Herber is one of the producers of the film. and Parry managed to pitch her ideas to him. This is one of the examples of her making opportunities for Live Nation.

Live Nation Productions has a lot of assets that can promote movies, such as their music festivals. In between sets, playing “A Star Is Born” trailer helped in promoting the film. Even Warner Pictures President of Worldwide Marketing, Blair Rich, believes that Parry and her Live Action Productions were instrumental in expanding the global audiences.