Jason Hope Sells His Arizona Mansion

Jason Hope is someone who keeps busy. He keeps himself involved in many projects. One project that he was involved in was an Arizona mansion that he has recently sold. The mansion is actually a complex that consists of 9 buildings. It also includes a residential IMAX cinema. As one of the most successful entrepreneurs, he has hosted plenty of parties. He has also given plenty of tours on his house. People have gotten to check out his IMAX cinema. Of course people were impressed with the attraction he has set up. The total value of the mansion was $5 million.

Jason Hope is successful because of the industry he involves himself in. He works in the field of technology. However, it is not just consumer technology that he is interested in. He is more interested in life changing technology. Jason Hope looks to the future in order to see where technology is headed. He also looks at the challenges that humanity is up against. His aim is to guide technological advancements so that they work for the better of humanity. One of his favorite forms of technology is the internet. For one thing, the internet makes it easier for people to get the information they need.

Jason Hope also cares about the health of humanity. He knows that many people suffer from at least one health condition or another. There is also the issue of obesity that comes with the common eating habits. The diet that the average American consumes not only makes them fatter, but also leaves them vulnerable to many different conditions. A lot of these conditions are very hard to treat, yet easy to prevent. This is one of the reasons that Jason Hope is encouraging health professionals to take a more proactive approach to treating illnesses.

Jason Hope continues to work on different projects which include his website where he talks about different topics related to technology. He is also a futurist. Therefore, he talks about one of the many directions that technological advancements can go in. Meanwhile, he is involved in different charities geared towards helping out his community.

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Securus Technologies Offers New Video Service

The holiday season is coming up and it is usually a time when a number of people are looking to see their families. For some people such as inmates at correctional facilities, seeing family is one of the more fulfilling activities. While inmates can talk to their family members on the phone and/or have them visit, there is an alternative that is more beneficial. Securus Technologies has introduced a new service known as video visitation. This allows inmates to talk on the phone and be shown on a screen. It also enables inmates to see their family members at home. With this particular service options, inmates and their families will have a more personalized way to communicate.


With video visitation, correctional facility inmates will have the opportunity to make a call and access a computerized screen that shows them. At the same time, the family members of the inmate will be onscreen to see them. As a result, both parties will have the ability to not only talk to each other, but also see them as well. During the conversation, the two parties can see how they are doing and get a perspective on their daily lives. This option can allow family members to show things to the inmate such as a new toy, new appliance and also any awards that were recently received. Therefore, video visitation provides both inmates and their families with a more satisfying way to communicate and interact during the holidays.


Securus Technologies is a leading company in the telecommunications industry. It provides a number of solutions that help correctional facilities stay in contact with vendors, inmates and officials. The company provides the latest technology and equipment to enable correctional facilities to communicate more efficiently. Along with providing equipment and technology, Securus Technologies offers a number of services that allow correctional facilities and inmates to communicate in more convenient ways. The company offers phone service, voicemail, email services and also video visitation. All of these services will benefit correctional facilities as well as the inmates.


The most frequently used service offered by Securus Technologies is phone services. This allows individuals to make calls whenever it is most convenient for them. Inmates will be able to contact their families and speak to them on a regular basis. There is also voicemail which enables inmates and staff to receive messages on the phone system. With email services, both staff and inmates can send and receive messages from the computer. Lastly, inmates will be able to take advantage of video visitation which allows them to talk to and see family members at the same time.



Timothy Armour Takes A Global View Of The Financial Industry

The life and career of Timothy Armour could be seen as a powerful story of an individual rising to the top of a company they have worked with for a number of years as they passed upwards through the financial industry as they stayed loyal to a single company. After reaching the positions of Chairman and CEO at the Capital Group where Tim Armour has found himself being called upon to provide his own views on the way the financial industry is being affected by economies from around the globe.

Timothy Armour began his financial and investing career with the Capital Group over 30 years ago as an analyst searching for the best possible investing options for the long list of clients the company holds; in his career, Timothy Armour has looked to become a major part of the Capital Group by remaining at the company and looking to develop its portfolio into one of the best in the U.S. financial industry. As he has been working at the Capital Group for over 30 years, Timothy Armour has developed a series of specialties and areas of interest, including his own development of the U.S. and global telecommunications industries.

After becoming Chairman and CEO of Capital Group Timothy Armour faced a global financial industry that was shaken by the slowdown of the markets in many different areas of the world. Armour was often called upon by members of the press to give his view on how the financial issues the world was facing have played out over the last decade, and had the opportunity to explain how he felt the global economy was changing.

The major selloff of shares in 2015 was identified by Tim Armour as being the conclusion of a number of years of incorrect choices by the U.S. Federal Reserve, and a lack of continued growth in developing and established economies.

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Armour believes keeping U.S. interest rates close to zero inspires risks to be taken by investment specialists, which he does not believe payoff in the long term; a second issue identified by Timothy Armour is the fact the global economy has relied on China to continue growing and supporting struggling areas of the world. A Chinese slowdown and market selloff has been identified by Timothy Armour as one of the major reasons the global economy slowed down, but he believes areas of Europe and Asia must face some of the blame for economic issues as their growth has stagnated in the 21st century.

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Introducing the Revolutionary Davos CAP Calculator App by the Davos Financial Group

The top executives of the Davos Real Estate Group finally launched the much-anticipated Davos CAP Calculator app. In a written statement to their customers, David Osio said that the mobile application had been designed to provide prospective investors with the estimated returns on their real estate acquisitions.


Tailor-Made Solutions


The firm, Davos Real Estate Group (REDG) is a subsidiary of the global wide-spanning Davos financial group. The establishment has had a particularly firm grip on the Latin American market for the past two decades. The team offers consultation services and manages the portfolios of its clients for a fee.


Mission and Vision


Their mission is to help the customer benefit and gain from their formulated strategies which are tailor-made to suit the exact needs of each person. The highly skilled experts working at Davos always endear to provide high-quality services. Their operations are bounded and governed by the highest ethical standards.


Six months ago, the firm struck a partnership deal with the tech company, Tecknolution. The association was expected to lead to the successful designing and development of the real estate application. The app takes into consideration the expenses incurred when acquiring the property as a variable. Its output is the expected ROI on the real estate property. Chat mode is enabled.




The CAP app is built to be compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The apps will enable the user to sniff out lucrative properties straight from their devices. The user will receive all the relevant information necessary to make a prudent decision moving forward. Advanced versions are already in the pipes.


Sound Financial Decisions.


The Executive Director, Gerard Gonzales remarked how the app aims to provide clients with a ‘clearer vision when purchasing a property.’ ‘Courtesy of the app,’ he continued, ‘individuals will be able to place accurate rent estimates on the properties they are interested in and juxtaposing that rent with their projected incomes.’ Another important benefit to consumers is being able to calculate the mortgages on properties. The company has had a successful year, and the future looks bright.


About David Osio


Mr. Osio is the founder and the CEO of the Davos Financial Group. His exceptional leadership skills coupled with the hands-on approach has transformed the company into a global powerhouse in the financial circles. The group currently has offices in Geneva, Lisbon, New York, and Miami and Panama City.


Mr. Osio has headed the organization for a whopping 23 years. Before that, he used to serve as the Vice President of Commercial Banking at the Banco Latino International Corporation. He speaks both English and French. He won the South Florida Business Leader award in 2009.

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George Soros Provides Insights on How the European Union can Help Ukraine

After Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, Europe and the United States moved swiftly and enforced sanctions on Russia. George Soros argues that the sanctions have worked beyond the expectations of everyone. They have greatly weakened Russian economy. The sanctions have denied financial institutions and firms hailing from Russia from accessing the global capital markets. The sharp reduction of oil price inflicted further damage to the Russian economy according to George Soros Ukraine. The country is heading into a financial crisis similar to the one that occurred in 1998.

In 1998, Russia exhausted all of its hard currency and failed to pay its debt, causing havoc in the global financial system. Currently, the hard currency reserve has declined by over 50 percent, inflation is on an upward trend, and interest rates are increasing at a rate that is rapidly steering Russian economy into a downturn. Fortunately, the country has significant foreign currency reserves today than it had in 1998. The Russian Central Bank has boosted the economy with $100 billion and arranged a swap line worth $24 billion with the Bank of China.

Policy reorientation

The current policies have resulted in severe consequences for both Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, George Soros says they need to be adjusted. George Soros advocates for a two-pronged strategy that focuses on offering more assistance to the Ukraine and reducing the sanctions imposed on Russia. George Soros suggested the following reasons for rebalancing sanctions against Russia.

1. Sanctions are evil but compulsory

Sanctions are evil since they affect the economy of the nation on which they are enforced as well as the nations that execute them. The current economic sanctions are compulsory because both the United States and EU are avoiding war with Russia

2. The outcomes of assisting Ukraine is positive

The EU and the US authorities are aware that defending Ukraine is a strategy for indirectly defending their nations. Boosting the economy of Ukraine would result in significant growth of the European economy by creating more investment opportunities in Ukraine and encouraging exports according to George Soros.

How the EU can increase its financial support to Ukraine
Soros advises the European political leaders to take advantage of the EU’s untapped borrowing capacity and identify other sources of funds for increasing the financial support offered to Ukraine. George Soros believes that a greater financial package than the existing one will allow the government of Ukraine to execute a radical reform. These sources include:

• The Balance of Payments Assistance Plan has $47.5 million of unutilized funds while the European Stability Mechanism dedicated for Ireland and Portugal has nearly $15.8 billion of unspent finances. Although both programs are restricted to EU member countries, the European Commission can modify their regulations and allow them to be used for supporting Ukraine.

• Funding from both the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and World Bank

• IMF can offer an additional $13 billion to Ukraine by leveraging the EU’s matching funds

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The Measures that the SEC has set to protect its Whistleblowers.

The laws that govern the financial industry underwent a significant modification in 2010 when the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act were passed by U.S Congress. The last amendments in the sector were made by the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act expedited the formation of the SEC whistleblower protection program. The plan is dedicated to safeguarding the rights of any company employee who volunteers to provide valuable intelligence on any fraudulent undertakings that are happening in the finance sector. According to the protection plan, the individuals who offer to be witnesses are rewarded by being given job security and a monetary prize.


After the enforcement of the whistleblower protection program, law firms in the United States created divisions that are committed to offering legal solutions to the informants of the SEC. Labaton Sucharow is a law company that has been operational for about 50 years. The firm has been renowned for providing excellent plaintiff representation, and it started providing its services to the SEC informants in 2010. Its whistleblower representation practice was the first to be established in the sector. The firm has developed an excellent platform for filling lawsuits. The provision of the legal services is facilitated by various professionals who work for the company. They include finance experts, private investigators, and forensic specialists. All the employees are highly informed on the implementation of the state and federal regulations that govern securities. Jordan A. Thomas is Labaton Sucharow’s partner, and he is in charge of the whistleblower representation practice at the firm. The SEC whistleblower lawyer formerly worked as the commission’s deputy director. Mr. Thomas assisted the organization in the formation and enactment of the protection program.


The security plan demands that approximately a third of the money is collected by the SEC should be offered as the whistleblower’s financial incentive. The informants are also entitled to assurance that they will have jobs after helping the commission. The Dodd-Frank Act has outlawed whistleblower harassment.


Any informant who does not wish to disclose his or her identity can hire a SEC whistleblower attorney to represent them at the commission. The organization has been encouraging the witnesses to avoid giving their identity when offering information. The SEC applies attorney-client privilege to ensure that all the intelligence that it receives is safeguarded. People who would like to understand more about the protection plan of the SEC can consult the whistleblower representation team.

The Benefits of Automobile Refinancing via Ignition Financial

The concept of automobile refinance is one which, is new to us. However, it is easy to contemplate the benefits therein, simply with the knowledge that this can be done. The big one is the possibility of a lower monthly payment (“Yes, please, slash my payments, if you don’t mind.”). That’s exciting. Learn more: http://www.ignitionfinancial.org/


How many of us in this country are paying exorbitant payments for cars right now? If you think that there are not that many, just think about it. One of the first pieces of information that is often conveyed with, “I just got a new car!” are the payments. Everyone surrounding this news gasps.


Nevertheless, here is how it is done. But, not without one caveat. Our research indicates that a loan which is worth more than the financed vehicle, may not be an attractive candidate for refinance. You may peruse a Kelley Blue Book to ascertain this, before you begin.


There are plenty of institutions to assist you in this area. However, we recommend Ignition Financial ( http://www.ignitionfinancial.org/auto-loans ). Why?


  1. The website alone offers plenty of information regarding this topic. You should not approach any item of a financial matter without some basis of data. If a company wishes that a customer approach blindly, or even prefers it, this is not a good sign. Ignition does not do that. You are well-armed, if you spend a few minutes reading over what is available to any site surfer.


  1. If you peruse the, “Resources,” file, you will notice that the information provided is straightforward. You may even be surprised about the integrity of this information. It is just straight up.


  1. Ignition does not hide who they are and where they are. This is big, when considering a possible business transaction. The address and telephone number are there and they are not hidden amongst hidden URL’s and back-alley, key-lock areas. You are not dealing with some dude in a foreign country, who goes by the moniker, “Ratso.”


  1. Finally, the company lists germane employees, along with their images. You will have some of idea, with whom you would be dealing.




Doe Deere: An Innovative Creator of Make-up

Doe Deere, a young entrepreneur, calls herself the “Queen of Unicorns” due to the fact that she considers her followers as her unicorns. Just like unicorns, the customers of Lime Crime express themselves in a unique and colorful way and as never ashamed to be a bit different. Deere recently was interviewed by Guest of a Guest where she revealed more about her life and her business.

Deere’s success is a bit different from the success of other entrepreneurs, as she began with a career in the music industry before switching to makeup. However, makeup has been a passion of hers since she was a young teenager. She always loved to experiment with bold colors and found herself frustrated when all she could find in the stores were varying shades of beige for makeup.

Moving from Russia to New York as a child brought Deere the inspiration to become successful, she just didn’t realize at first that she would find that success in makeup. However, being in the music industry helped Deere learn things about business, such as marketing having a positive image.

Doe Deere had her first business when she was living in Russia, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. This was a new thing at the time and Deere believed she had discovered them and then made them popular. Her best marketing tool was wearing the tattoos herself and telling people how pretty they were.

When it comes to inspiring other young women to become entrepreneurs, Deere advises them to follow their hearts, because every person has their own talent or something special about them that no one else has. Every individual is unique. Once you can tap into your talent, you begin to blossom and work with your essential self to reach your potential.

It is crucial to be in touch with your inner self. Knowing yourself helps your provide the best value because although you may feel different as a child, this difference may lead to ultimate success. This is exactly how Lime Crime, Deere’s makeup company, was born.

Once Deere saw that others shared her passion for colorful makeup, she was able to establish a fan base and loyal customers who were inspired by her ideals and her vision. Deere always tells her customers to be proud of who they are and to not try to hide their inner selves.

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Michael Zomber Has A Wealth Of Achievements

There are few people that come to achieve a lot in their lifetime. Most people do achieve something. However, there are few that take it to such high levels. One of these people that have achieved a lot in his lifetime is Michael Zomber. He is a collector and a historian. He has written a lot on the history of some cultures. He has also collected a lot of antiques and relics from the cultures that he has done a lot of research on. This has given him a lot of credibility and a lot of inspiration for his stories.

Among the goals that Michael Zomber achieved is writing a few stories. Some of the stories have been produced into feature films. He has also released some novels for people to read. These novels are based on historical Japan. These stories are also quite compelling. Zomber has also been recruited by the History Channel in order to talk in some documentaries about some of the cultural topics that are covered in the documentary. This is one of the major achievements in that he establishes himself as someone who is an expert and a trustworthy individual when it comes to information on cultures.

One of the reasons he has been so successful is that he is very passionate about what he does. He has a passion and love for Japanese culture. He is very fascinated about the different stories he could find about the ancient eras of Japan. Among the things that he enjoys writing about is the culture of the Samurai. Samurai culture has been covered in many productions such as documentaries and movies. Of course, many of the movies have taken liberties with the stories. However, Michael Zomber makes sure to present the facts to people who are interested in learning.

Boraie Development And Shaquille O’Neal Donates $25,000 To An Atlantic City Club

Over the last few years, the real estate market in New Jersey has begun to blossom. This growth has encouraged many people, both from the state and outside, to purchase properties across New Jersey. Boraie Development LLC has been playing a critical role in ensuring the success of these transactions on njspotlight.com. In addition, the entity has been providing buyers with the ideal properties that satisfy their utility. The company, which was founded over 30 years ago, is actively engaged in developing different properties across the state. Boraie Development invests a lot of time and money on all its projects to guarantee their success. To fund these projects on local.yahoo.com, the firm uses its capital and sources for loans from private entities such as commercial banks.

Boraie Development LLC is much more than a real estate company. Recently, the company announced that, together with Shaquille O’Neal, it had committed $25,000 to the Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club. The money would be used to reopen the club with the objective of benefiting the community.

This announcement came just a week after the club had been closed for a debt of $150,000. Although the donation cannot cover the full debt owed by the club, it will enable it to reopen and provide the community with a limited summer program. This move will make other companies in New Jersey to see the need to chip in and help the struggling club.

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While making the announcement, Boraie Development’s vice president, Wasseem Boraie, pointed out the extraordinary efforts that were made by City Councilman Aaron ‘Sporty’ Randolph. He went on to say that, Aaron made concerted efforts to reach out to the company and Shaq. This way, information about the struggling club came to the fore. Boraie was impressed by Shaq’s willingness to participate in the charity and believes that he has the right character, which should be emulated by all investors in the community. He contends that giving back to the community is just as important as investing in prime real estates.

About Wasseem Boraie
Wasseem Boraie is a realtor and investor in New Jersey. He is the vice president of Boraie Development, a real estate company that was founded by his father, Omar Boraie. In the last 17 years, Wasseem has served in this position. He has gained vast experience in the real estate industry.

Wasseem’s partnership with Shaq, an NBA star, received immense publicity, which helped his company to seize the opportunity and market itself and its products. He holds an International Business degree from the esteemed New York University. Wasseem has dedicated his time to using his business knowledge to help in revamping New Jersey’s real estate industry.