Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Looks to Address Diversity in Company

The pizza chain company Papa Johns has told its customers that they should expect better conduct from its employees and executives. In a recent social media video, the company looked to help restore its reputation after a backlash stemming from racial remarks by the founder. While the company is looking to move on to restore its image to customers, the founder John Schnatter is working towards regaining control of his company. He said that he worked very hard to build the company and believes that it is within his right to get back control. Schnatter has expressed a desire for support from customer during this difficult time for the company.

In an effort to address the recent backlash towards the company, Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to customers, employees and franchisees. This letter was intended to inform these people that the company will strive to have better personal conduct as well as work towards making the company more diverse. The company sales have dropped by a considerable margin after the founder made racially insensitive remarks. According to the chief executive officer Steve Ritchie, the sales of the company are expected to drop even more during the next year.

Due to the declining sales and damage to the company reputation, Steve Ritchie is looking to focus on making Papa Johns more considerate of people of different backgrounds. He has visited a number of locations in cities such a Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit and Chicago. During his visits, he has listened to the feedback of franchisees and employees on how the company can do better in terms of being more relatable to diverse populations. After receiving this feedback, Steve Ritchie has looked to start programs such as unconscious bias training and getting an advisory group to address diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace. The pizza chain will develop a couple of long term initiatives in the near future. These will include establishing the Papa Johns minority owned franchise expansion and development program and the formation of a foundation that makes a positive impact on local communities. This will hopefully help Papa Johns overcome the consequences of its current backlash.