Dabie Tsai: Keeping Ahead of Technology, Business, and Accounting

Even if you are not in accounting, you can see that technology and artificial intelligence will change how it is processed. Dabie Tsai, a seasoned former Big 4 audit partner, explains that accounting is one of the most critical components in any business. Tsai has been involved in international markets, which gives her a vast pool of experience to draw from. She can see how technology is quickly changing financial services. Tsai has recently commented on how communication and cyber security have already rapidly altered accounting environments and practices.

Automation is going to come heavily into play, but this will create new opportunities and roles for accountants. Having computers take over clerical and mathematical tasks means the accountant can focus on working with clients. Services that will improve, once the accountant is freed up, are business and financial advice, along with business and accounts analysis. Companies will benefit by being able to create future plans based on accounting figures.

Dabie Tsai believes in challenging the organization’s accounting policies, and sees how the emerging technology will benefit corporations. This practice of challenging the status quo helps to build a stronger business. Audits, both internal and external, are good practices and give companies the ability to measure risks versus rewards. The audits can determine if goals are being met or if management is not hitting predetermined marks. Technology will turn the accountant into a powerful consultant, and the organizations and their shareholders can know the business is being managed with integrity.

To stay viable in the accountant field, Tsai recommends diversifying and staying active in committees, mentorships, or associations. Tsai sits on the board of Oxfam America and, before that, she sat on the board of the Kansas City Young Audiences Association. She proves that networking in the industry is one method to keep adding to one’s value, and staying active keeps accountants on the leading edge and should lead to a long and healthy career.

Dabie Tsai’s other credentials include working for KPMG, where she specialized in SEC filings in foreign and domestic filers, credit risk and financial instruments, and corporate governance. She speaks English, Spanish and Chinese; and she has traveled extensively and worked in the United States, Canada, Spain and Chile.