The Greyhound Diaries: Stories From Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is a journalist turned songwriter who grew up in a jewish family in Washington D.C. Levitt credits his childhood for the direction his life took. Growing up in D.C. and attending a public school, as he did, led Levitt to see many different perspectives that exist in society. He encountered people from all different races and socio economic statuses. He also was deeply entrenched in various religions, having grown up jewish but being a long time member of a christian choir. Levitt was also taught to be civic-minded. His mother has been a politician for his entire life, and she set a very strong example to always have society in mind. After graduating from college, Doug Levitt decided to pursue journalism. He worked for both ABC and NBC as an international correspondent.

A few years ago, he was ready for a break. He came back to the states and wanted to figure out a way to help the disenfranchised. He decided that with the crisis that America was currently going through, a depression era program might be the best answer. He wanted to model whatever he did after a Works Progress Administration project.

Levitt has explained that later on, he slowly began to realize that this project was also important for him and his emotional state. His father had committed suicide and he had never been able to get past it. The trips across the country, talking to complete strangers, helped him to come to grips with the situation and to finally forgive himself. Since he has finished, he has been traveling the country and performing for crowds. He shares stories, sings songs, shows pictures and videos. He main goal is to connect people to others that live in their country and are struggling to make ends meet. Levitt is very proud of all the commonalities he found in people.

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