What a Leader!

José Henrique Borghi is a leader to be remembered, for his skill, his wit and his continued business success are no laughing matter. He has worked in advertised for approximately 25 years and is still learning new things each day. He never claims to know it all but has the humility to admit making a mistake while learning more from it than he states he would have learned otherwise. Now, that alone takes boldness and humility and learn more about Borghi.

Jose has come up with countless clever ideas for his ad campaigns. One includes a recent women’s rights commercial that aired earlier this year and is still remembered in Brazil and abroad. It spoke of the importance of human rights everywhere while placing a special emphasis on that of women and their need for equality and overall respect. It would be no lie to say that women are attacked, raped and killed every 15 seconds in Brazil, and that point alone is often considered an understatement as well; there are few countries that truly understand all this problem implies and more information click here.

Women are afraid to live in Brazil. It’s good that Jose’s ad spoke out on this matter and reached many in turn, opening many eyes and hearts to what’s really going on beneath the surface. As such, Brazilian women themselves continue to speak out on the matter and hold to their deepest convictions while not crossing the line. They petition and rally for their rights daily while not turning a deaf ear to the many other needs that the country currently has, such as those of wastewater sanitation sanctions and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

Jose Borghi has also written blogs for Cannes. Its recent film festival was privileged to have him as a guest. He continues to write about the experience and offer his review on mixed perspectives behind the event.